International Bible Camps: Internal Rules

  1. Access and participation to the camp are subject to prior payment of participation fees.
  2. All campers must permanently have their badges with them.
  3. Each camper must bring his/her bible, meditation book, prayer book, note books, pens, ruler and other equipment necessary for the taking down of notes.
  4. All campers must have with him: bedding equipment, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, etc ....
  5. Waking time shall be 04:00. The use of time from this hour is regulated by a time table which will be at your disposal on the campus.
  6. Once the meetings ended, all campers without exception must get back to their dormitories for resting hours.
  7. Dormitories will remain closed during meetings and dormitory heads are the only ones entitled to keep the keys.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to play, disturb or interfere in any way whatsoever, tranquility and sleep in dormitories.
  9. Campers are required to keep their phones turned off during meetings and sleeping hours. If not, they will be confiscated and restituted only at the end of the camp.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to play worldly music on campus. Any device used for this purpose will be confiscated.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to leave the camp without permission from the camp coordinator who alone is authorized to grant such permission.
  12. Outrageous behaviors will be severely punished.
  13. Each delegation, workshop or group will have to perform their assigned task, if not will be bound to start all over.
  14. Dormitory heads should not introduce new messages during the morning devotion.
  15. It is forbidden to plate during the camp.
  16. It is strictly forbidden to eat twice during the same meal.
  17. Decent clothing is required from all campers following the dress code below.
  18. Any behavior not mentioned in these rules will be supremely appreciated and sanctioned by the monitors.
  19. Kindly hand money and precious articles to the bank of the camp. The loss of any such article does not engage the responsibility of the camp organizers. 


Welcome to the IBUC/IBYC Koume 2016

May God, our tender Father bless you

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