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2018 International Youth Bible Camp

We give thanks to the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God who has faithfully led us in organizing International Bible Camps, since 2009, to produce qualified and competent young people for His service.

930 youths, from five nations, and 2044 listeners online in 131 countries, participated at the revolutionary 2017 camp in Koume. When we consider the powerful involvement of the youth in the life of the local churches, we cannot but stand in awe of our God’s transforming power.

Upon receiving teaching on the three phases of development in life, that is, the years of training, the years of service and the years of mentoring, the participants were further taught to seek to please God in their way of life and to receive God’s approval for their years of training in order to enter God’s service. The Lord Jesus Christ, our supreme model, clearly received the approval of God the Father, for His training: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you, I am well pleased.’ Luc 3: 22 (NIV).

  • Do you desire to have God’s approval?
  • Do you want to cooperate with God to become a qualified servant?

See you at Koume 2018, the place for your transformation, your qualification and your revolution on the theme ‘Qualify to serve God 2’.

MAIN SPEAKER:   Pastor Theodore Andoseh

THE GOAL OF THE CAMP: To help the youths qualify to be useful to God in their generation

VENUE:   Koume-Bertoua (East Region of Cameroun)


  • Submit to Bible Camp rules and regulations
  • Participation fee: 10 000 CFA F/ 16 €/ 20 $   to be paid latest 1st June  2018 (NB: No lateness shall be accepted)
  • Participants are required to come with a Bible, a hymnary, three notebooks, pens, and a pencil.
  • Participants shall come along with toiletries and bed dressings (bedsheets, blankets, and mats).
  • Participants shall do a complete fast of three days between 1st and 7th July 2018 for their spiritual preparation.

Additional information shall be sent to you if required

Come and be blessed

Theodore ANDOSEH

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