2018 International Student Bible Camp

We give thanks to the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God who has faithfully led us in organizing International Bible Camps, since 2009, to produce qualified and competent workers for His service.

The 1300 participants of last year’s Bible camp, who came from 29 different nations from four continents, were taught on ‘Church, Mission, and the Kingdom’. Church growth, in a nutshell, gave way to administrative and financial organization. This camp, followed by over 3295 listeners online from 147 nations, was indeed a great success.

Many of the students, participants in the previous International Bible Camps entered into God’s service, to the great benefit of the churches and the advancement of God’s kingdom. The number of souls won to Christ, and churches planted testify to the spiritual revival produced by these camps.

The Lord wants to transport us to new heights on the theme ‘Church and Mission - 2’ this year.

Come to Koume 2018, the place of revolution, and be changed.

MAIN SPEAKER: Pastor Theodore Andoseh

THE GOAL OF THE CAMP: Produce leaders in the church and God’s kingdom to serve God in our vision and goal                                                   

VENUE: Koume-Bertoua (East Region of Cameroun)


  • Submit to Bible Camp rules and regulations
  • Participants must be university students or hold a qualification above “A” Levels.
  • Camp participation fee: 15 000 CFA F/ 20€/ 25 $, to be paid latest 1st June 2018 (NB: No late payments shall be accepted)
  • Delegations outside Cameroon should kindly send in the list of participants by 1st June 2018, so that their invitation letters would be drafted and sent to them on time.
  • Participants are required to come along with a Bible, notebooks, a hymnary, pens, a pencil, bed dressings and toiletries.
  • Participants are required to carry out a complete fast of three days, for spiritual preparation.

Additional information shall be sent to you if required

Come and be blessed

Theodore Andoseh

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