2017 International Youth Bible Camp

Praise be to the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient God who has faithfully accompanied us since 2009 in the organization of the International Bible Camps, which aimed at'producing qualified and competent young people for His service.

937 young people from 5 nations, besides, 877 listeners from 98 different nations, followed on line the revolutionary camp in Koume 2016. We have been deeply touched by the transforming power of God at work as is seen in the involvement at these young people in the life of the local church. This is evidence of the impact of the camp.

Holiness as an indispensable prerequisite for communion with God was handled at a deeper level. For the next two years the camps focused on preparing to enter into God’s service.

Fully aware of the fact that God's service requires qualified and competent workers, the theme this year is ‘Qualify to serve God’. Do you desire to become a qualified servant for God? Do you want to cooperate with God to raise many other qualified servants? Then, Koume 2017 is the ideal rendezvous for you to be transformed and the qualified.


GOAL OF THE CAMP: To help the young people qualify to be useful to God in their generationVENUE: Bertoua (Koume)


  • A commitment to submit to the internal regulations of the camp
  • Camp participation fees: 10000 CFA F -15 Euros - 20 Dollars to be paid latest July 1st 2017. (N.B.: no late payments shall be allowed)
  • Participants should come along with a Bible, three exercise books, a hymn book, pens and a pencil.
  • Participants should come along with beddings and toiletries (bed sheet, blanket and mats).
  • Participants should take a preparatory fast of three days between the 1st and 07th July 2017.

Any other information will be given when necessary.

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