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Annual CMFI International Bible Camps

Koume Gets Ready this summer to Host its Two traditional International Bible Camps.


Equipping the youth to be competent ministers of the Gospel, able to meet the challenges of our generation and those to come, encouraging them to dedicate themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the fulfillment of the vision are among others, the objectives pursued through the annual meetings organized for the youth.

Two international Bible camps, therefore, are being organized this year, for the youth and for university students respectively from the 21st of July to the 14th of August in Koume, Cameroon.   More than 2000 participants are expected at each of the camps. 

The first international bible camp was organized in December 2009, nine months after the departure of Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum (ZTF) to be with the Lord. It was a gathering initiated by the new international leader Brother Theodore ANDOSEH to take off the youth of Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) and its associated churches from months of emotions, and give them a real boost at a time when hearts needed to hear that the vision continues.  At that time, the youth needed something else apart from melancholy tears, as they are rightly considered as "the spearhead of the Church, the nursery from which to draw co-workers, to continue and accomplish the vision. “

For the international leader, the international Bible camps are intended as places of training and impartation of the vision to the youth. This involves restoring the youth to God, discipleship, not forgetting soul winning.

Objectives of the Camps

The International Bible Camps have the following objectives:

  • Build youth and establish them in the Lord,
  • Equip them to be competent ministers of the Gospel, able to meet the challenges of our generation,
  • Imbue the youth with the vision that the Lord gave us through Brother Zach
  • Provoke the youth to dedicate themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the accomplishment of the vision.

It was in 2012 that the camps were made international. Pastor Theodore ANDOSEH is the main speaker. The themes to be handled during the youth camp (from 21st to 30th July) and the student and young professionals’ camp (from 1st to 15th August) have been communicated ahead of time

Number of Participants Expected

More than 2000 participants are expected at each camp. Looking at the various objectives of the bible camps, it seems very important that the youth be encouraged and mobilized to take an active part, if they are truly the spearhead of the Church.

They need to be more conscious and participative in the work, fully understand their decisive role as co-workers beyond the actions in the churches, to keep them in the Lord. It is also an avenue where the youth receive the ultimate key to help them understand the vision at the highest level, and enter fully into the purposes of God, so as to have the profile that is able to continue the work.

The youth leader of CMFI, Pastor Joseph Ngandeu, takes it very seriously.  Through various communications, he has openly expressed great expectations about these two bible camps:

I expect from the camps of this year, that the Lord gives Himself to us (the youth), that he should make us his lovers and worthy co-workers. His deepest wish is that there will be total mobilization so that Koume will witness an influx of youth, students and young professionals from all nations.

His vision for youth is also clearer:

"As a global servant of youth and students, my vision for the youth of CMFI is a sanctified and consecrated youth, with a clear sense of destiny, consciously and thoughtfully dedicated to be an arrow in the quiver of our international leader, Brother Theodore ANDOSEH to accomplish the vision God has given us, through Brother Zach." 

We believe that this cry in the heart of the international youth leader will be heard by all, so that the youth will travel to Koume in their numbers, with no one wanting to be told afterward about how it all happened. 

Will the youth hear this call?

Long live the annual international Bible camps in Koume!.

Hallelujah! Alleluia!

Conditions For Participation in the Camps

The camps are open to all young people, students and young professionals of all denominations, as well as pagans and atheists.

Youth camp participation fee is ten thousand francs (10,000 FCFA or €16 or $20) per participant and fifteen thousand francs (15,000 FCFA or €20 or $25) per participant for the students and young professionals’ camps, respectively.

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